Great Visual Design Can Shift Your App’s Experience From Ho-Hum to Oh-Wow.

The visual design is the last layer of the design work. It is the part that brings the structure and interaction design to life. It is the most expressive part of the design process. It is the look and feel. To paraphrase the Big Lebowski, it’s what brings the who experience together.

A common mistake business leaders, product managers and startups make is to start by working on the visual design first. It’s a very human impulse. We are visual creatures. At NextWAVE we think about the design of an app in layers with the visual design being the top layer. Once we have the structure and the interaction design layers settled, then we begin working on the visual design layer.

The visual design layer is all about taking the layouts developed in the interaction design and building in colour, typefaces, imagery, states, the balance of white space, visual hierarchy, etc. It is all about translating the feeling into an effective, beautiful design. 

Just because it’s the final layer in the design process does not make it any less important. Great visual design can take a so-so digital product and make it good. It can take a good product and make it great.

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