Strategic UX Research

Introducing NextWAVE Innovation, fusing the art of innovation with the science of user research to help you discover fresh, thought-leading innovation opportunities.


I’ll help you remove the guesswork

Innovation is hard, especially the kind of thought-leading innovation most organizations crave. You are under extreme pressure to deliver the current product to keep that continuously improving. Finding that next big opportunity feels like a bridge too far. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Leverage the power of Strategic UX Research to:


Uncover unmet customer needs


Unleash your team's Creative Problem Solving potential


Map a pathway from where you are now to where you want to be


What we offer

Deep-Dive Strategic UX Research

We’ll navigate the problem space together through strategic UX user research methods, shedding light on untapped insights and unveiling hidden needs.

Custom Creative Problem-Solving Workshops for your Team

Innovation is not about “an” idea. It’s about making space for ideas to collide. Creative problem-solving workshops are about taking insights from strategic UX research and creating space for those collisions to occur.

Mapping Pathways to Success

Getting the idea(s) from workshop concepts to actual products is challenging. In this phase, we’ll work with you to evaluate concepts and chart a path to implementation.

Start a Project

Ready to uncover unmet customer needs? Schedule a consultation today, and let’s dive into strategic UX research together. Your users will thank you!