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Most B2B software companies need help defining a business strategy that matches what their customers are really looking for. I facilitate the alignment of these things to help B2B software companies innovate and grow.

De-risking the Value Proposition 

I’ll help you align your product with customer needs, boost your UX, and uncover key insights for data-driven decisions

Product-led growth takes a lot of work, perhaps more so in B2B software organizations. You need to ensure product-market fit. Does your product solve a real problem for users? It must have a great user experience. Does the product feel intuitive, almost invisible, yet incredibly powerful? You need data and the insights from great research to make data-informed decisions. Do you understand the customer journey, behaviours, choices and the values that drive them?

Many B2B software companies have a product that solves a real problem but struggle with the user experience and lack the data to drive the necessary insights for data-informed decisions. To make matters worse, as this gap widens, innovation slows and becomes increasingly narrow, to the point where product teams become stuck in a vicious feature factory death spiral.

Through our program of Fractional Design and Innovation Leadership, we can help you break that vicious cycle and develop a new virtuous cycle of product-led growth:


Strategic UX Research


UX Design Support


Product Innovation Support


Product Roadmap Support


UX Team Leadership and Mentorship

Collaborative Leadership, Exceptional Strategic Research, Driving Great UX Results


Karyn is one of those truly exceptional individuals that enters an organization and makes profound and lasting changes. I had the privilege of working alongside Karyn in her tenure as the Director of UX Research. Karyn spearheaded the research on a completely new “Risk Management” capability within our solution. Her depth of discovery and attention to detail uncovered valuable insights that were instrumental in the development of a new strategic direction for this part of our product.

In addition to her research expertise, Karyn is an inspiring leader with a great sense of humor and excellent listening skills. She displays great empathy and a genuine concern for others that provides a solid foundation to build high performing teams that love to tackle challenging and valuable problems.

Karyn is also a true example of a collaborative leader. She championed this leadership style at Copperleaf and drove the adoption of this approach through all levels of the organization. More than just teaching it, she led by example through transparent, clear, and open communications that enabled all parties to come together on an agreed solution.

And finally, Karyn is a joy to work with. She approaches every interaction with positivity, curiosity, and compassion. Karyn cares deeply about people and seeks to understand the other person’s true motivations and unfulfilled needs.

Karyn is an invaluable asset to any organization and I am confident in her continued success in any future endeavors. I highly recommend Karyn for any position that requires strategic research, collaborative leadership, and a passion for delivering exceptional outcomes. I do hope that I have the privilege of collaborating with her again in the near future.

Russ Stothers

Director of Product Management, Copperleaf Technologies

Karyn and I worked closely together at Copperleaf Technologies, in her role as the Director of UX Research. Karyn’s research expertise was exceptional. Her attention to detail and ability to uncover valuable insights greatly influenced the success of our project. Moreover, working with Karyn was always a joy. She brings a sense of fun and laughter to collaboration, somehow making even the most challenging tasks enjoyable.

As a leader, Karyn fostered an inclusive and collaborative environment. Her empathetic nature and genuine concern for users ensured that our products truly met their needs. Karyn’s leadership and ability to build trust within the team and across departments also made our work highly effective and enjoyable.

Karyn’s departure from Copperleaf created a large void, in many ways but particularly in research, that has yet to be filled. Her contributions, both professionally and personally, were truly valued. Any organization that has the opportunity to work with Karyn will benefit from her expertise, dedication, and ability to create an enjoyable and productive work environment.

If given the chance, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Karyn. Her skills, leadership, and ability to find humor in any situation make her an incredible asset to any team. I cant wait for the chance to work with her again and will actively seek any opportunity to do so.

Allan Cunnane

Program and Product Management, Copperleaf Technologies

Karyn is an exceptional, trusted leader who drives positive change through influential leadership. Her expertise in strategy and research had a profound impact on me, our design team, and cross-functional teams at Copperleaf. She is a perceptive communicator with genuine curiosity and passion for understanding people’s true motivations and needs. Her adeptness in asking the right questions, constructively challenging assumptions, and promoting alignment on a shared vision presented valuable learning opportunities during our collaborations at Copperleaf.

Karyn played a vital role in the evolution of the UX research practice at Copperleaf. She established effective processes for recruiting and conducting research studies, and measuring UX for our product suite, which helped clients to be more connected with product development. She led and supported numerous workshops for various product, leadership, and innovation initiatives. Additionally, her published articles promoted design thinking, better facilitation techniques, collaborative leadership, and the value of UX research within the organization.

Merve Ayomak

Product Design Lead, Copperleaf Technologies

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