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NextWAVE Innovation is expert at translating your vision into actionable, effective digital products. From quick hit micro-consulting to full-scale design engagements, we can help you redesign, pivot or create great apps that do good work.

Three types of services,
three ways to engage us…

NextWAVE Services

App Redesign

You’ve got a web-based or mobile app. You’ve got customers using the app. But it’s getting out of date. It needs a redesign.


You have a web-based or mobile app and maybe some customers but whatever you’re doing is just not getting traction. You need to change direction.

Bold New Idea

You have spotted a problem and you have an idea for a new app to help solve it. Now you need help designing it

Ways to Engage NextWAVE

30 Minute Virtual Coffee - Free!

You need a conversation to help understand the process, what you need (redesign, pivot, bold new idea), and how we can help.

Micro Consulting

You and your team have mostly got it but you’d like a quick hit of high-powered app design expertise. You can engage us for up to 4 hours of virtual consulting.

Trad Consulting

You know you want to engage an outside team. After getting to know more about your challenge and requirements, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote and project plan.

And then we’ll stick to it!

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We publish articles on digital product strategy and design, the Positive Turbulence Podcast on innovation, creativity, leadership and change, and interviews with entrepreneurs who have developed apps for their businesses.


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