Digital Product Evolution

We help established businesses and their product managers innovate
current products—and find the next big thing.


NextWave’s 3-Step Catalyst process is digital product evolution in action:

1. Positive Turbulence

2. Insight Intelligence

3. Expert User Experience

3-Step Catalyst Process

Brilliant, strategic and visionary. Experienced, insightful and respected. Working with Karyn is a bucket-list type of experience for any leader as she stretches your thinking beyond what you thought possible and a #mustdo for any organisation serious about achieving top notch on-line presence.

– Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, Physician, CEO CareTeam, Innovator

1. Positive Turbulence
Negative turbulence

Are you experiencing any of these at work?

  • Reactive decision-making
  • Strong internal resistance to change
  • Customers averse to change
  • Unrealistic deadlines… all the time
  • Opposition to outside ideas
  • Lack of trust between teams
  • Fear of failure

These are signs that you are dealing with negative turbulence. They are also clear indications that your workplace is stifling, rather than nurturing, innovation—and its key driver—creativity.

Embrace change

Change? It’s inevitable. But instead of trying to control it, you can create a positive environment where colleagues, executives and teams embrace change. The goal is a culture where new ideas feed the creative potential of your team; where innovation drives growth.

At NextWAVE Innovation, we generate “positive turbulence” by:
  • Hosting a custom positive-turbulence speaker series to guide and energize your team.
  • Leading hands-on creativity-building sessions to uncover barriers and unleash inspiration.
  • Designing workshops to align senior leadership around a shared innovation strategy.
  • Identify untapped opportunities in emerging technologies and other verticals.
  • Unlock the creative potential of your team.
  • Align leadership on a single, effective innovation strategy.

Because of our own depth of experience and as creators and innovators, our network includes some of the most original, cutting-edge and progressive leaders in North America. We look forward to generating positive turbulence for your team!


We’ve worked with businesses large and small, near and far. They tell us they value our depth of expertise, extremely high quality work, and speed.

We’ve found and created innovation opportunities for government organizations, Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies and startups in the finance, telecom, digital and physical product development, and service delivery verticals.

2. Insight Intelligence
Opinion vs observation

You might think you have all the data you need. You’ve got customer feedback, focus group input and analytics data to drive your product roadmap. Fair enough, you’re not alone. But in terms of improving, pivoting or disrupting, this is a little like throwing a dart with a blindfold on. You might hit the target—or you might not.

That’s because you have a lot of personal perspectives and no observation. Opinion is notoriously unreliable in predicting what your customers will actually do and what they actually want. For that, you need behavioural data based on observations, not viewpoints.

One-off user research

Maybe you’re conducting usability, benchmarking or other user research aimed at improving your current product. That’s all good.

But did you know that you’re probably leaving money on the table in terms of the innovation value you can get out of these studies? In one-and-done studies, you get a lot of insights about what’s happening now, but few insights about what might occur later—and, too few in one study to be certain. However, if you start to track those longer-term insights over a number of research activities—a program of design research—you can build a solid predictive framework.

Why use insight intelligence?
  1. We’ll take the data you have and ID gaps you need to close so you can find innovation opportunities.
  2. Once we find the gaps, we’ll design a program of design research that will both help you improve your current products and uncover hidden insights revealing the next big thing.
  3. Finally, we’ll give it all back to you in a way that makes sense for you and your team.
3. Expert User Experience
Translating insights into products & services your customers will love

An environment that encourages innovation and new insights will only go so far if you can’t translate that into solid, actionable design recommendations.Thanks to our robust UX strategy background, we know how to convert your business needs, creative inputs and design research findings into effective product recommendations.

Our work scales to fit your needs. From high-level guidance to detailed deliverables, we take your vision and make it a reality.


Timely outcomes

We’ve designed the NextWAVE Catalyst process so you can very quickly move the needle:

  • Optimize your current products or services right now.
  • Define a clear innovation strategy aligned with your corporate roadmap.
  • Leverage outstanding product and service design your customers will love.
  • Lead innovation supported by stakeholders.
  • Draw from evidence-driven innovation that reduces the risk of not catching the next wave.
Working With Us
Matching our services to your needs, working the way you do.

We realize that engaging outside support for your innovation needs is as much about trust and fit as it is about expertise and experience. That’s why we offer our services in increments: so we can scale up or down based on your requirements and adjust our style to fit with your team’s work style.


Workshops get everyone on the same page. But they have to be fun, interactive and meaningful to make an impact. NextWAVE workshops are all about that. From unorthodox and thoughtful icebreakers and interactive polling right through to our engaging workbook exercises, we make sure everyone is involved and gets real value from taking part.

We’ll customize our exercises to your business challenges, using scenarios and hands-on work that’s realistic and relatable. The team walks away not only getting the theory, but also having solved a real problem facing your company right now.


Sometimes you and your team just need a little guidance. An outside professional with a lot of experience and know-how can cut through the clutter quickly, and that’s what our coaching services are designed to do. 

We’re happy to do a one-off session: just come in at a pre-arranged time. Or, we can set up something more regular, such as once a week or once every two weeks, depending on your schedule. How much coaching, how often and with whom is up to you.

Project Work

If you’re looking for end-to-end support, that’s when engaging us as consultants to do project work makes the most sense. Yes, we’ll work with you, keeping you informed, making sure you are feeding into the critical decisions. But we’ll take the project and run with it, staying out of your way as much as possible to let you get your job done. We’ll give you a well-grounded quote up front, keep you posted on progress all the way along, and make sure the project stays on time and on budget.

Embedded with your team

When your team needs that extra set of hands on deck, we’ll be there for you. Embedding a contract resource, trained and managed by us, is a great solution if you have longer term needs, but don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to manage a specialized resource. We’ll oversee all the administration for the resource, and ensure that specialist stays on track and on target.


About NextWAVE Innovation

We help established businesses and their product managers innovate current products—and find the next big thing. We encourage clients to embrace change by generating “positive turbulence,” uncovering pivotal insights and producing outstanding user experience design based on effective research.

We know that you, your company, and your challenges are unique. We also know that, while we can offer various types of services, what you need may be just some or all of them. We will assemble a custom approach and group of specialists based on your business’ individual needs.

Our team of experts convenes to collaborate on client projects. Leading the group is Karyn Zuidinga, who has two decades of experience in the digital space spearheading innovation and user-experience projects for a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 500 organizations to start-ups. Her passion for the right solution to any given problem—and for tirelessly striving for excellence—is what sets her apart. Karyn draws on her warmth and open communication to ensure the team is aligned on a common set of values, and this is the secret to her success.

About NextWAVE Innovation

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