Strategic UX Research

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Explore the periphery

Deep-Dive Strategic UX Research

Strategic UX research is “next level” research. It moves us beyond tactical or evaluative inquiries (e.g. usability testing) and towards a more strategic user understanding in order to find opportunities for breakthrough solutions and innovation.

The aim is to:


Uncover unmet needs


Better understand the context of use of the product


Identify hidden workarounds and unseen blockers

Make Space for Ideas to Collide

Creative Problem Solving and Prototyping

We all know that you must think outside the box if you want big innovation breakthroughs. And yet, if you look at where your product ideas are coming from, they are all typically generated from customer feedback, senior leaders, or product development. They are all coming from inside the box! Using strategic UX research insights as a stimulus and injecting positive turbulence in a safe yet dynamic environment (creative problem-solving workshops), NextWAVE creates the space for ideas to collide and for your team to unleash their creativity. From there, we’ll work together to design prototypes or concept models so that we can validate ideas. 

Creative problem-solving workshops will:


Help you develop fresh ideas based on real insights


Develop prototypes or concept models to explore and validate ideas

Move from Insight to Action

Mapping Pathways to Success

The road from a big, bold idea to a launched product is hard. We’ll work with you and your team to help you get the product out of concept and into development:


Communicating with stakeholders


Roadmap & implementation planning