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Whether you are aiming at a Redesign, Pivot, or have a Bold New Idea, we have the service to fit your needs.

At NextWAVE, we understand that knowing where you want to go and being clear about your vision, will guide both how you get there as well as the final outcome. By grouping our services according to your desired outcome we are already aligning with your vision.


You’ve got a web-based or mobile app. You’ve got people using the app. But it’s getting out of date. It needs a redesign.

One of the bigger challenges with a redesign is knowing where to begin. You don’t want to alienate your existing customers, you likely need to update the tech behind your app, and along with changing workflows you are also probably thinking about changing the look at feel. It’s these inter-related complexities that stop most redesign projects in their tracks. But then the longer you wait, the harder it seems to get moving on the redesign project.

At NextWAVE we have both the experience and the process to handle your app redesign project. From fairly simple workflows to highly complex, multi-channel, multi-stakeholder projects, we’ve been there. We know how to break it down into manageable chunks. We know where to begin.


You have a web-based or mobile app and maybe some people using but you’re just not getting traction.

You need to change direction.

A successful pivot hinges on deeply understanding your customers, not just their demographics. You need to get what they need, what they value, what their motivations are, as well as how they behave. From there you can craft an effective pivot. The trick lies in gathering those customer insights and knowing how to
activate on them.

At NextWAVE we have deep experience in gathering insights, making sense of their meaning and finding effective strategies to act on them. From smaller incremental shifts to big innovations, we’ve been there and can help you chart the roadmap you need to evolve your app.

Bold New Idea

You have spotted a problem and you have an idea for a new app to solve it. Now you need help desigining it. 


Translating your big idea into a useful, useable, compelling app is easier said than done. You want someone in your corner who can not only make it look good, but can ask great questions, spot the issues BEFORE they are hard-coded into your project, and drive the design to a testable prototype.

 At NextWAVE we know how to translate your bold new ideas into great apps that do good work. Our insight-drive process will not only get you to Version 1.0, but will give you the guidance you need to develop an effective roadmap. 



Our Work

Get to know us through our work. At NextWAVE, we take pride in the projects we’re highlighting here. We’d love to include you too!

SoundTransit – Realtime Arrivals App

Photo Print Ordering Mobile App Workflows – Web-based app and product

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