Digital Product Evolution

Case Studies

RC Pets ( – Innovating in Online Retailing

Key wins:

  • A 29% increase in sales.
  • Online sales accounted for more than 12% of total sales within just six months of launch, up from less than 2%.
  • The sales team now uses More...

Consumer & Enterprise Software & Service – Innovating in the cloud

Key wins:

  • We built a model showing exactly where the line between creepy and cool exists for this kind of SaaS.
  • Our team created a clear set of privacy, guidelines marketing and product development.
  • More...

Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) – Innovating in online government services

Key wins:

  • We made the process of submitting land use applications crystal clear, including the restrictions and limitations on land use.
  • Our team streamlined the application process for legitimate applications, while limiting the number of appli More...

Smart Devices – Innovating in Wearables

Key wins:

  • We identified and corrected several critical user experience issues.
  • Our client incorporated our insights and related recommendations about needing to find a clear niche, and the two new versions have enjoyed much higher user acceptanc More...

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