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Unleashing the Power of Care: How CareTeam Technologies Transformed MyCrew into a Revolutionary Care App


How we used generative research to uncover unmet needs and help MyBestHelper pivot a babysitting app to a powerful care platform.

Delve into the inspiring story of CareTeam Technologies and their transformative pivot from a humble babysitting app, MyCrew, to a revolutionary care platform that will change how families coordinate care for individuals with complex illnesses or elderly loved ones. Discover how CareTeam Technologies harnessed the insights gained from generative research and propelled their vision forward, unlocking a significant market opportunity. 

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CareTeam Technologies grew from generative research Analytic Design Group (now NextWAVE Innovation) did for a startup called MyBestHelper (MBH). MBH had encountered a challenge with their product, a babysitting app called “MyCrew,” to help parents organize childcare. Despite early positive feedback from their network, the app did not gain traction in the market. Rob Attwell, one of the founders of MBH, approached us seeking guidance on increasing adoption for their seemingly good idea.

Generative Research

To understand the reasons behind the lack of market uptake, we conducted contextual inquiries, engaging babysitters and parents in the research process. The objective was to explore the problem space and identify the underlying issues. 

Research Findings 

The research revealed that the existing app, MyCrew, did not meet the needs of most families. The primary reason was that many families did not have an extensive list of babysitters, making the coordination features unnecessary. However, during the conversations about caring for children, another essential aspect of care emerged—the need for caring for individuals with complex illnesses such as diabetes or elderly patients with multiple issues.


Market Opportunity 

Recognizing the potential in the broader field of care, MBH realized that a pivot from a babysitting app to a care app could address a significant and unmet need. Caregiving for people with complex illnesses or the elderly often requires extensive coordination, communication, and management of multiple caregivers. This presented an opportunity to cater to a larger market and offer a valuable solution, and CareTeam Technologies was born.

Solution Development 

Building upon the existing foundation of MyCrew, CareTeam Technologies embarked on reimagining and rebranding the app as a comprehensive care platform to assist families in coordinating care for individuals with complex illnesses or elderly loved ones. The new app would encompass features such as caregiver management, appointment scheduling, and communication tools.


By recognizing the need for a broader care coordination app, CareTeam Technologies successfully pivoted MyCrew into the CareTeam app. This shift allowed them to target a wider market, addressing the coordination challenges faced by families caring for individuals with complex illnesses or elderly loved ones. The strategic pivot led to increased market uptake, and positive user feedback and positioned the company for continued growth and success in the care technology space.

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