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Meet Karyn Zuidinga

Hi, I’m Karyn Zuidinga, the founder and Lead Digital Product and UX Strategist. With over two decades of experience in designing digital products and apps, for organizations of all stripes including very large Fortune 500s government, small business and startups, I’ve come to realize that:

  • There is no one right answer or way to do things. 
  • The ideas are there. My job is to help articulate them and then find the best way to express them so they resonate with your customers.
  • Process will never overcome connection and connection will never happen without trust. 

I am passionate about using my capacity for deep human connection to help you gain deep insight into your customers. Based on these insights and your ideas, I can help you craft an effective vision and strategy that your whole team can get behind. Finally, with experience and creativity, I can help you find the right-sized solution to fit your needs and budget.

NextWAVE uses a “Hollywood” model. That is, we spin up teams based on each project’s needs. Check out our partners below. These are other studios we frequently partner with. The benefit for you is that you get up-town agency quality without the up-town agency price.


ASC Creative Ltd. is our development partner. They are experts at digital automation and integration and technical strategy. ASC consistently delivers great work on time and on budget.

Sierra Learning Solutions is our go-to partner for innovation strategy and organizational development. Sierra Learning Solutions combines innovation tools, expert facilitation, and strategic assessment to bring your vision to life. 

Unique Visions Inc is where we go for bigger strategic foresight questions. Unique Visions provides the insights, imagination, and inspiration to help you transform your unique vision for a better tomorrow into reality.

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