Working with NextWAVE

We realize that organizations of all sizes and types are challenged to maximize their online products or services. We know you are looking for creative input and solutions that will grow with you and flex with these changing times. That’s why we have structured our service offering to be right-sized, focused on providing rapid turnaround, and at a fixed price where we can so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

We also support small and medium-sized businesses, early-stage startups, and not-for-profits and social ventures with discounts on our micro-consulting and gap analysis services.

5 Core Values

1. Add Value Not Flourish

For us, designing an app or an online service is more a problem-solving exercise than a “making it look good” exercise. Of course, we want to make it look good and deliver a look and feel that’s consistent with the brand. But the value we deliver is much deeper than that. More often than not it comes from asking “do we really need that” or “how does this connect with the user’s values and expectations?” We look for a deep alignment with your customers’ values. We deliver experiences that connect.

2. Support the Community

NextWAVE is committed to supporting both the tech community as well as the business community:

  • We work with and mentor young up and coming designers and researchers.
  • We collaborate with development teams who do the same.
  • We offer discounts to SMEs, early-stage startups, not-for-profits and social ventures.

3. Find The Why Behind The What

For every recommendation, we have to be able to offer why. We support finding the insights to get to that why.

4. Right-Sized Service Offerings

We know that sometimes all it takes is a small bit of help to get you or your team focused and moving again. Our Micro Consulting and Gap Analysis service are aimed at just that. They are quick turnaround, fixed price and easy to book online so that you can reduce the hassle of getting an expert opinion. And really that’s what talking to a consultant is about, right? What you want to avoid are the big fees, long discovery phases, and word-salad you get with the bigger players. We’re here for you. No hassle. No pressure. Just the right amount of engagement. At the right price. When you need it.

5. Foster Creativity But Don't Sacrifice Evidence

For some, creativity and analysis are opposing forces. For us, evidence, constraints, and analysis are supporting factors in driving creativity. We will work with you to find creative solutions to complex problems, to help support and foster you and your team’s creativity, and will use evidence and the analysis and constraints to inspire rather than limit what we suggest.

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