Working with NextWAVE

Matching our services to your needs, working the way you do.

We realize that engaging outside support for your innovation needs is as much about trust and fit as it is about expertise and experience. That’s why we offer our services in increments: so we can scale up or down based on your requirements and adjust our style to fit with your team’s work style.

5 Service Offerings

1. Diagnosis

Sometimes you just need a pair of fresh eyes on a problem. Our Diagnosis Service is all about leveraging our expertise and experience to give you a quick assessment of how we see your innovation challenge along with recommendations for how you can tackle it.

2. Workshops

Workshops get everyone on the same page. But they have to be fun, interactive and meaningful to make an impact. NextWAVE workshops are all about that. From unorthodox and thoughtful icebreakers with interactive polling throughout to our engaging workbook exercises, we make sure everyone is involved and gets real value from taking part in our workshops. 

We’ll customize our exercises to your business challenges; using scenarios and hands-on work that’s realistic and relatable. Your team walks away not only getting the theory, but they’ll also be solving a real problem facing your company right now.

3. Coaching

Sometimes you and your team just need a little guidance. An outside professional with a lot of experience and know-how can cut through the clutter quickly, and that’s what our coaching services are designed to do. We’re happy to do a one-off session where we come in at a pre-arranged time. Or we can set up something more regular, such as once a week or once every two weeks, depending on your schedule. How much coaching, how often and with whom is up to you.

4. Project Work

If you’re looking for end-to-end support, that’s when engaging us as consultants to do project work makes the most sense. Yes, we’ll work with you, keeping you informed, making sure you are feeding into the critical decisions. But we’ll take the project and run with it, staying out of your way as much as possible to let you get your job done. We’ll give you a well-grounded quote up front, keep you posted on progress all the way along, and make sure the project stays on time and on budget.

5. Embedded with your team

When your team needs that extra set of hands on deck, we’ll be there for you. Embedding a contract resource, trained and managed by us, is a great solution if you have long-term needs, but don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to manage a specialized resource. We’ll oversee all the administration for the resource, and ensure that specialist stays on track and on target.

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