Ways to Engage

3 ways to Engage

At NextWave, we know engaging external help is not always easy. There are big considerations: budget, expertise, fit. Not to mention getting to the solution you are looking for.

That’s why we have created our three ways to engage. From our free virtual coffees, Micro-Consulting or Trad-Consulting, we offer straightforward, easy, ways to engage.

30-Minute Virtual Coffee

Whether you *think* you might want to engage some external help or not, taking just 30 minutes for a virtual coffee can clear up a wide rage of questions:

The virtual coffee is never a sales pitch. We are truly interested in hearing more about where you’re at and what you’re thinking about. If you want to hear more about our offerings and experience, of course we’re happy to share, but this meeting is all about you.

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hourMicro Consulting is a 2-hour hit of high-powered expertise. This is great for you when you just need a quick bit of advice and don’t want to have a longer (or trad) consulting engagement. This service is perfect when you need a bit of outside perspective but don’t want to bring a contractor or consultant on.

The cost is $500 with price breaks for startups, social enterprises and not-for-profits. 

Contact Us About a Micro-Consulting Appointment


Trad-Consulting (or Traditional Consulting) is when you want to engage an external partner to design your web- or mobile app. Once we have a solid understanding of what you need, we will provide a custom quote.

Our style is collaborative, and we like to think of our clients as more like partners than our clients. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision. 


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some client love…

Karyn assists in the journey in asking the right questions to get to the best place on a product or project which is an outstanding quality that few can do well. Karyn is an excellent collaborator who helps provide inputs back to make a product better and project without superimposing her idea of the perfect, but rather helping to shape the final product or project or journey to find a collective right state. This is why I have enjoyed working with her throughout the years.

Chris Hall, VP Product Management at T-Mobile

Karyn’s superpower is a deep understanding of digital strategy – insight, knowledge and experience in what works and delivering a powerful, differentiated digital strategy. Careteam’s strategy is based on the distilled insights she provided. Her strength is digital at the strategic level. She delivers effective, unique, innovative and differentiated digital strategies that are based on your goals.

Rob Attwell, Co-Founder Careteam

Karyn tends to see the bigger picture and further down the road than most, especially at the onset. She’s such a patient mentor, who meets people where they’re currently at and leads the way well. She excels at helping people dream bigger, and helping them see how to execute the path to the dream while minimizing ambiguity, and becoming effective and efficient while continuing on an innovative path.

Adrien Whittemore, Facility Director & Senior Project Manager at Fieldwork Seattle, Inc