A bold new Idea

What is

SeeKindness is a bold new idea. It is less a social media site and more a generative social engagement platform.  Imagine a world where young people aspired to be more like kindness ambassadors instead of social media influencers?


Karyn Zuidinga (UX & Content Strategy Lead)
Erin Dobson (UX/UI Design)
Leah Nusgart (Content  Social Media)
Tim Bramwell (Managing Partner)


Social Enterprise
App Design



Fresh, Playful, Light, yet "Safe" Design


Bold, New Idea

Social media is often an unsafe space to share feelings of positivity or joy. Between the bullying, trolls and deluge of negativity, it can feel awkward and unsafe to post an act of kindness. But we also know that often people don’t want to ‘brag’ about being kind. The way we chose to balance these forces was to create a design that was fresh, lively and playful—that communicated safety. And also allowed users to post anonymously. 

There are 4 products in development that will be launched in the coming months on the platform. The first will be gratitude cards. While we can’t let the cat out of the bag completely, we can tell you these will be a fun and engaging way to say thank-you.

Gratitutde Cards

Imagine a gratitude expressing mash-up of an e-card, a petition, and Yelp-like pins on a map. Now make it fun and expressive. This is what Gratitude Cards are.  To be released in early 2021, they will not only be geared for consumers but can be used by brands as a means of customer engagement, or in a campaign to drive their brand’s CSR strategy. 

“Gratitude Cards” is the first product to be developed for the SeeKindness platform.




A Research story

User Experience Research

The user research approach here has been to use both contextual inquiry as well as cognitive walkthrough techniques on prototypes. We run research sessions one per quarter.

UX Approach Influenced by Research Outcomes 

In one of our first research sessions, we realized that participants were intrigued by the playfulness of the pins on the map and delighted by the categories of kindness.

Building on that finding led us to the much more immersive and playful design that will be launched in early 2021 (shown in the screenshots above). 

Current research is exploring how corporate sponsors and partners could use the platform to create campaigns.

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