NextWAVE Innovation
Learning Community

Innovation doesn’t just happen, you need to build an ecosystem where it can thrive. One of the ways NextWAVE is doing that is by creating an Innovation Learning community where members can explore creativity and innovation through multiple lenses, share their insights and challenges and grow their skill set.

NextWAVE Innovation Learning Community (ILC)


We meet about once a quarter, using video conferencing. Each meeting is about 90 minutes long. There are two parts to each meeting:


Each member of the learning community signs an NDA with NextWAVE and agrees to abide by strict no selling, no poaching guidelines.


One of the challenges many innovation managers face in their organizations is how to define innovation. Another is isolation from other innovators. Our guests welcome the opportunity to connect and generate meaningful dialogue.

Our members appreciate the opportunity to see innovation through the lens of our guests and to explore the unique challenges each faces.

Its the sharing of perspectives that will generate positive turbulence and help to fuel innovation.

Ground rules

The ground rules are simple but important:

Growth plan

If you are interested in either being a member of the learning community or in being a presenter, please fill out the form below, we’d love to hear from you.

NextWAVE Innovation Learning Community
Let’s build an innovation ecosystem