Smart Devices – Innovating in Wearables

July 8, 2018

Key wins:

  • We identified and corrected several critical user experience issues.
  • Our client incorporated our insights and related recommendations about needing to find a clear niche, and the two new versions have enjoyed much higher user acceptance...and sales!
The Challenge A leading electronics manufacturer, a dominant player in the smartphone market, was poised to launch a new wearable product. It was beautifully crafted and well thought-out in terms of the physical and interface design. The challenge was that the device was so new, so cutting-edge and so advanced, the manufacturer’s marketing team was uncertain if customers would embrace it. Our client wanted to ensure the initial customer experience with this hot new device was exceptional (and positive), but also wanted insight to use for future product development roadmaps. The Solution We knew we could not simply conduct a one-and-done usability study, but that we would need to dig deeper. The task was both to assess the current innovations, as well as identify potential new ones. So we designed a multi-layered study (a program of research) to examine the customer experience in the crucial first two-week window. The program elements included contextual inquiry, diary study, remote interviews and a usability assessment. We tracked data related to the initial experience, usage, usability issues and changes in perception/attitudes over that time. In the end, we were able to uncover key insights to help overcome any initial challenges and longer term innovations that the company could implement.