Fast, Effective, Focused Gap Analysis

March 25, 2020

A local university wanted a competitive review and gap analysis of their MBA program website. Key wins:

  • The marketing team thought the site structure was the core issue. Our analysis discovered that the structure was fine (scoring 75%), but their features like 'Apply Now' and 'Attend an Info Session,' that are critical to driving applications, were poorly and inconsistently delivered (scoring only 50%).
  • The work was delivered in a 2-week turnaround, allowing the marketing team to move quickly to implement changes before the next cycle of applications
  • The focus they received from the recommendations permitted them to put their efforts where they were most needed and not waste time fixing something that was working fine
  • After implementing the recommendations, they saw a significant bump in applications.
The Challenge The world of MBA programs is intensely competitive and challenging to differentiate clearly. Most applicants are not only looking at you and all of your competitors with a fine-toothed comb, but they can also take upwards of a year coming back to your site several times before they decide to apply. The program website needs to be firing on all cylinders and has to offer the right triggers to the right actions in the right way. The marketing team of a local MBA program approached us to complete a Gap Analysis on their program website. They wanted to be sure they were maximizing the effectiveness of the site in stimulating and holding interest in their program, driving attendance at info sessions, and, ultimately, applications. Their initial thought was that the site structure was a core issue to resolve. The Solution After completing our gap analysis with a review of three of their main competitors, we discovered that:
  • All three of their competitors scored higher using our gap analysis tool Their calls to action were unfocused and inconsistent
  • Their value proposition was not aligned well with their content
  • Their content was overly dense
  • The use of visuals was distracting from the content and not supporting understanding
We offered several recommendations along with our findings, helping the marketing team focus on what needed doing now. The result was a much more effective website and a bump in applications.