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Design research is a significant opportunity for differentiation

July 10, 2018

Talking to product managers about doing “design research” is a little like lecturing your kid about doing homework: eyes glaze over, focus shifts, the body language closes up. But it’s a conversation product managers need to engage in, according to the 2018 State of Product Leadership study by


The productivity versus creativity vortex

July 10, 2018

Feeling under pressure? You’re not alone. I spend a lot of time talking to product managers and two common related themes that surface again and again are: 1. Managers’ desire for their team to think more creatively and; 2. They are all crazy busy.


Creative leaders manage change before change manages them

May 8, 2018

We all resist change. We prefer to create predictable patterns and normalize events so that we don’t have to work so flippin’ hard. It’s normal. But we also know, maybe deeper down, that change is inevitable. So where’s the balance? In developing my innovation workshop for product managers,


Breaking the cycle of negative turbulence

June 9, 2018

“Getting people to think outside the box”—it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially in some corporate cultures. Recently, I met with a lovely individual tasked with leading innovation at a crown corporation (state-owned enterprise). They told me their challenge of getting the team to complet


Innovation vs. growth: the product manager’s dilemma

March 17, 2018

A crazy-smart and very senior product guy I know says he believes that a company should “tear it all down and begin again” every five years. I know, some of you are thinking this is more crazy than smart. Tear it all down? What about jobs, investors, operations? The rest of you, though, see the


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