About NextWAVE Innovation

About NextWAVE innovation

We engage established companies with digital products already in the marketplace—and product managers ready to embrace change—find the next wave of innovation. How? By generating “positive turbulence,” uncovering pivotal insights and producing outstanding user experience design based on effective research.

We know that you, your company, and your challenges are unique. We also know that, while we can offer various types of services, what you need may be just some or all of them. We will assemble a custom approach and group of specialists based on your business’ individual needs.

Our team of experts convenes to collaborate on client projects. Leading the group is Karyn Zuidinga, who has two decades of experience in the digital space spearheading innovation and user-experience projects for a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 500 organizations to start-ups. Her passion for the right solution to any given problem—and for tirelessly striving for excellence—is what sets her apart. Karyn draws on her warmth and open communication to ensure the team is aligned on a common set of values, and this is the secret to her success.


Rob Brodnick, Sierra Learning Solutions

Co-founder of Sierra Learning Solutions, Rob brings the best of thought-leadership and practice-leadership to help organizations spark thought and ideas, design and achieve their future vision, and navigate change as they focus, strengthen, and transcend current limitations. Rob’s key strength is that he catalyzes conversations that change the future. His work focuses on three practice areas: strategy, innovation and design, and facilitation of all kinds.

Rob has worked in the fields of strategy, innovation, and organizational change for three decades and holds special skills in innovation and organizational development, design, and intervention. Rob has a Ph.D. in Psychoeducational Processes from Temple University and enjoys teaching courses in education, the social sciences, and business. 

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Tara Shioya, Content Strategist

Tara is a content strategist with more than 20 years of experience helping clients create “content with purpose” – content that is designed to meet specific target audience wants and needs and also, support organizational goals. 

A veteran of the (first) dot-com boom, Tara was a pioneer in developing and promoting content strategy as a distinct discipline and specialization within UX. 

As principal of Epigram, Tara has delivered workshops on content strategy and web writing and led user-centered content strategy and editorial projects for corporations, universities, and nonprofit organizations in North America, Europe, and Japan. Past clients include Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Eli Lilly and Company, Georgetown University, and Novartis.

Prior to founding Epigram in 2006, Tara was the director of editorial strategy at MetaDesign in San Francisco and a director of user experience and content strategy at Studio Archetype/Sapient, in San Francisco, London, Tokyo, and Munich. 

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Tim Bramwell, B2B Technology Consultant and Product Manager

Tim is an innovator and technologist with over 20 years experience. His passion is bringing new technologies to organizations to help them innovate and thrive. Tim has a significant record of achievement in multiple industries, with expertise in business management, product management, product marketing, and strategic business planning and operations.

Areas of knowledge include:
* New technology product design, development, and introduction
* Substantial experience in software design and development
* Product Owner and Project Management roles
* Applications architecture

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Hannah Barss, Digital and Physical Product Design

Hannah is a UX designer with a background in industrial and product design. She is an advocate for research centered problem solving and works to apply testing, interviews, and research to an iterative design approach that helps aligns business goals with user needs. Her diverse experience and background helped hone her ability to think laterally, build quickly, and communicate precisely in many design settings.

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Janis Vetsch, Product & Visual Design

With a passion for socially conscious design, Janis aims to provoke dialogue about community challenges. He utilizes user experience strategies to create seamless and intuitive product experiences that empower users

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Bronwyn Larsen, UX Researcher & Ethnographer

Bronwyn’s work is firmly grounded in the notion that services and tools are most successful when designed for their user and the context in which they use it. As a researcher, she captures the stories and experiences of everyday people to create digital solutions that delight and engages users rather than simply accommodate them.

With a comprehensive understanding of exploratory and evaluative research methodologies, Bronwyn works closely with her clients to ensure research initiatives provide tangible and insightful results. She has conducted user research and service design initiatives for a number of public sector organizations including the Government of BC, BC Hydro, Public Health Ontario, Recreation.gov, and Oregon Metro.

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Megan MacDougall, Digital Marketing Specialist

With 8 years of experience, Megan is a skilled marketer who understands how to engage audiences with meaningful content. Throughout her career, she has supported initiatives for a range of global and local businesses including LoyaltyOne, Kind Exchange, and Addison Chevrolet. From this experience, Megan has developed a diverse portfolio of online ads, websites, email campaigns, print advertising, technical proposals, and presentations.

Megan is most passionate about opportunities in the digital space where she can design and implement content-focused marketing. With a keen awareness of business objectives, Megan always strives to create tailored solutions that resonate with audiences and drive real value for her clients.

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